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    Can anyone tell me where can I get one of these handheld spotlights?

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    i think Mustafa is ur best bet..

    they sell almost everything !

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    Thanks for the info Boon Wei!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kex
    i think Mustafa is ur best bet..

    they sell almost everything !
    But of course

    You should go have a look at the new upper floors in their old building. They've expanded the hardware section, tidied up and enhanced the stationery dept, finally have a sensible arrangement of their lighting bulbs (huge selection), and they now even have a decent book section.....

    That said, the iced Milo is a little smaller in serving these days, and the Masala tea the other day was quite bad.

    The other thing I noticed is that they do NOT sell Sanyo rechargeable batteries anymore.

    Oh, they also probably have the cheapest Lindt dark chocolate bars in Singapore.
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