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Thread: How to remove Spyware

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    Quote Originally Posted by huggable
    Second that! Based on similar settings, my wife's IE got lots of spyware attacks, some residing in the Registry too. Rarely have such problems as I'm using Netscape.

    For spyware, try Spyhunter. Huggable is using a registered version.

    I am all for Firefox too and for Email everyone should try Thunderbird.

    But you can't fault your wife lah heh. She might need to use IE for her banking or some other online services that uses IE as there is a need to run activeX script..etc. For example I use citibank online service to do my banking. I can't get it to work in Firefox. There are quite a few major sites and especially Govt sites that required certain IE specific codes in order to run. What can be done is, use Firefox for more general web surfing..especially to unknown first time visted sites..etc. Only when you are entering well known secure sites then do you use IE.

    These day spyware, spamware or malicous code can enter your PC simply by just visiting a website for those who did not know about this. Due to some other security issues with parts of IE or XP, hackers are still able to screw up your system by utilising those weaknesses to their advantage.

    But you can not also take Firefox for granted. Try to get the latest version now. Firefox recently has also be compromised. Just like IE, as its popularity increases, more hackers will target it too. So it is an on going fight to safe guard your system so long as you make the internet a part of your life...and you know you have to in these day and age.

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    reformat hdd. best option.

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    Thank you all for de wonderful links..

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