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Thread: Can Consumer/Prosumer digital camera produce result as a DSLR?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mpenza
    This will also mean you need to set the ISO, aperture and zoom manually on the flash to have proper flash exposure. Not a lot of effort but still some hassle. That's why all the current higher end Nikon DSLRs support high speed flash sync. Some other manufacturers support high speed flash sync in all of their DSLRs.
    Not a problem if you use Auto mode on the flash. But what I'm trying to say is that you don't get part of the picture chopped off on the D70 like you will get on most SLRs if you go above the flash sync speed. High Speed sync is just gimmick to me. It is using multiple strobe flash to illuminate the subject during the curtain travel.

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    Default Re: Can Consumer/Prosumer digital camera produce result as a DSLR?

    I use both Digital SLR and Prosumer Fuji S2pro and S7000,

    At A4 size it is impossible to tell the difference and the S7000 produces decent images up to A3 (just!) The S2 (which I bought first) is streets ahead in speed. The ability to take Nikon Flash and Lenses is my main photographic tool.

    The S7000 like most compacts had great depth of field and has the ability to take excellent close ups. It is useless for action or wildlife; but the the video facility with sound has been useful. The slowness of the electronic lens is a real pain as is is my major gripe with this kind of camera; though I understand later models have faster zoom now.

    For lightweight travel and versatility the compact S7000 has proved very useful. Not having to change lenses is a convenience; as one has to be so careful with dust on CCDs on D SLRs.

    90% of the time the quality difference is not significant; but if you have to crop the image significantly; well forget it

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    Default Re: Can Consumer/Prosumer digital camera produce result as a DSLR?

    Magnum photographer Alex Majoli routinely uses Olympus point and snaps for his work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hoky
    Hmmm... I have a newbie qn.
    How do you compare the quality of photo?

    1. By noise? Many cameras have noise reduction built in. Certain DSLR brands/models are not that fantastic in this aspect.

    2. By sharpness? There's pretty sharp consumer / prosumer out there. Take R1, Pro1, S2 IS, H1.. etc. for example? Of course you cannot use a L lens series to compare? It's a different comparison together? The same goes for megapixels count. You cannot compare a Canon 1DsMKII and Hasselblad 39mp vs a 10mp R1. Why not look the other way and compare a 10mp R1 vs the 6.3mp D70 instead?

    Please do not be offended by my cite above. (i'm a very blunt person with limited non-tactful vocab) I use both the DSLR and P&S (depending on occasions). IMO, I only feel that the DSLR have more flexibility (changing lens to have DOF, range... etc) and speed (shutter, ISO, startup... etc) in overall compared to the prosumer / consumer. What are your opinions on this? And based on what grounds?

    your pt 1, of course newer generation PnS may possibly have better high iso performance than older generation dslr.... that is not a fair comparison. if you take a current DSLR vs a PnS/ Prosumer of the same generation in technology. The Dslr will beat your PnS/ Prosumer flat.

    pt 2. resolving power of the lens.... of course must use L lens to compare.... otherwise its a biased exercise. take the best of PnS and the Best of DSLR to compare.... anything else is an exercise in futility. of course must compare the current and best equipment available... the R1 compared with the 1DSmk2 .... what is the result..... compared R1 with D70? D70 is still superior but released earlier than R1.... its a silly comparison.... technology has changed too much.

    i am pretty blunt too. i think you still not very clear what difference there are between a smaller format and a larger format.

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    Default Re: Can Consumer/Prosumer digital camera produce result as a DSLR?

    Quote Originally Posted by jeffhiew
    DC = Mini

    Which is better?
    I not sure leh... If...

    dSLR = BMW 320i
    DC = Mini Cooper S Works John Cooper Special

    I might think 'DC' is better.
    From Pentax to 4/3, back to Pentax and then back to M4/3 !?!?

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