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Thread: Anime fans help please

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    Hey guys. I'm back in singapore for a couple of weeks and have been looking for these titles for a while (need to bring back childhood memories). They were shown on AXN a while back...

    Master Cooking Boy (the one with the kid who travels around china participating in cooking contests and wowing everyone with his food)


    Grander Musashi (the one about a kid who goes around fishing in competitions and stuff)

    It doesnt really matter whether they're in VCD or DVD or AVI files as long as they can play on my computer. The only thing that I need is for them to be either dubbed into English or have English subtitles as Japanese makes no sense to me.

    Any help would be appreciated! thanks!

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    goodness! those, and flame of recca, were what got me into anime in the first place! heh. I'd be on the look-out, yeah?

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    hey podeam. thanks man. i really wanna watch those again, they were so much fun i never missed an episode

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    anybody else?

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    I think the first anime you're looking for is the Zhong Guo Yi Fan - Man Han Chuan Qi?

    The boy's name is Xiao Dang Jia right?

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    Try KKNM in Sunshine Plaza. There's why the majority of people get their anime merchandise and anime from. However, they are all authentic copies so it may be pretty pricey at 30 bucks or so. It's worth taking a look though, like a candy store for anime fans.

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    cooking master boy i think still have.. i saw it at Jurong Point ? the vcd shop in the basement ?

    den.. erm... maybe i would juzt recommend dling those series lah...


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