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Thread: ROM new layout?

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    Default ROM new layout?

    I've just did a ROM shoot yesterday afternoon and realised that they have changed their format of registration (more efficient) and room. However personally as a photographer, I do not like the new layout in the room. There is less space for us to move about and shooting angles are limited to only 2 sides and I have to use the widest possible to fit in the bride, groom and withnesses.

    I wonder if there is any suggestion box to give such comments to R.O.M.?

    Anyone with similiar woes while shooting at ROM?

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    Default Re: ROM new layout?

    You mean the room call "registry office" at level one? Shoot whatever you can, they already privatize and let Love that's Binds have the premium service and suites, you still want a bigger room for the government one?

    Now all the Registrars are very good and friendly already, nothing to complaint about. Room size? No issue for me, if the couple have invited many guests, should consider using Love That Binds services or have their solemnization done outside. eg. Home, hotel, restaurants etc.


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