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Thread: Battery for Canonet camera

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    Default Battery for Canonet camera

    Just need some advice from some of you. i read that the Canonet camera need to operate on PX625 mercury battery cells. As I have also found out it is extremely difficult today to get mercury battery locally or abroad.
    2 Questions:

    1. Where can I still get the above battery locally or abroad?
    2. If not available what battery can I use as a substitute for the mercury batteries? Or is there some place here that can do a modification to the battery compartment to convert to use maybe alkaline battery? Saw in the internet that the battery compartment can be modified to accept alkaline batteries.


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    Default Canonet Batteries

    Hey dude.

    I take it you have the Canonet QL17 / QL19?

    Well, just pop down to Ruby Photo @ Peninsula. Look for Andy and show him your camera. There are some new non-mercury cells that work wonderfully with your cam. Its only about $6-7 (I think). Go check it out just to be safe.

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    If u may not have known, Andy has left the service of Ruby Photos. He's now working at the Minolta customer service centre at Funan Centre.
    But will go try it out at Photo guide or Ruby for the battery. Thanks for the tip!

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    I got some for my Canonet from Sim Lim tower - there is a big battery shop in the basement. He stocks Varta mercury cells. I think the name of the shop is Kim Chew(?)

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    Just bought a Varta 625 battery from the electronics shop opposite Konota. Paid $8. Expires Jan 2005.

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    SLT basement. $5 or less.


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