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Thread: Thinking of going HK this Christmas

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    Hi! Got to check out the 2nd hand market too around the area of champaign court near kimberly. Everytime I go to HK in the past two years, I return with a 2nd hand lens purchase. Prices are reasonable (you must do your research first and remember to bargain), but HK has more 2nd hand stuff to offer than singapore in my opinion. Some of these shops selling 2nd hand stuff are also where you can obtain some grey market stuff. Think there is a previous thread whereby someone lists the shops.

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    Originally posted by Wai

    my whole family is here...

    heard that grey market for camera stuff is very cheap in HK...

    may be this thread will be useful for u
    alamak, should have visited the thread first before i go hkg. jus came back from hkg 2 days ago. on the average, think the price is slightly higher then sg. did ask ard for D60 and the price quote after conversion is about $4200. not sure of the accessories though.

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    Originally posted by tomshen
    but suddenly I feel like to go. Anyone here wanna go together?


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    Originally posted by xmen1977


    Ok, all those who wanna go pls PM me your email address, I will build a group mailing list and let's discuss it with greater details. Pls also inform me yr preferable date and scheme. I will contact a agent on the next Monday.

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    ooi, where's everyone??

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    last call, anyone else keen?

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    btw2 anygot photos shots on HK?
    me knee but no spare $$$ lor
    i go HK quite ofen lor
    when i working time
    but now no work so need to save lor
    but wheni got the cash i will go HK asap man

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