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Thread: recommendations for good teleconverters?

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    Question recommendations for good teleconverters?

    hi, anybody can recommend me some good teleconverters for use with my canon g3? i tried the vitacon 2x one and was disappointed cos it was at most just 1.5x only. heard about the 2.4x canon TCDC52, is it good and how much is it? are there any more good 3rd party teleconverters? or do i have to use those branded ones like the olympus tcon70?

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    Most front mounted tele-adapters are only quite good.
    In my opinion there are no good front mounted tele-adapters.
    These are compromises.
    They do the small rough job of 1.5x but quality is low.
    Use them but acknowledge they will never be good enough to satisfy you.

    Even the tele-converter which you fit between the SLR and the lens is a compromise.
    It is never as good as the real SLR prime tele lens.

    When I saw the huge Sony tele adapter for the new Sony R1 in the Funan showroom, I thought, my goodness, so ugly and unwieldy. What rubbish.

    The R1 looks good by itself, though.

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    thanks ricohflex. i'm willing to sacrifice some image quality for more zoom power.

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    done some research and found that the 1.7x olympus tcon17 is the most popular and seem to produce the best picture quality. but how bout the 2.4x canon tcdc52? i thought canon optics should be excellent in quality too?

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