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    My favourite photo from my trip. Comments appreciated
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    Hi. I saw your other photos from the Street subforum. Why is this photo your favorite from the group?

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    I found the boy in the middle really adorable. He had lost most of his teeth probably because of the lack of calcium but he still gave a big gum-filled smile.
    It reminded me of what I like about the village kids, their heart smiles despite their circumstances and it really shows on their faces.
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    I have nothing negative to say about this photo.

    One thing I would've tried to do if I was in your position was to get a close up portrait shot of the toothless kid. Kinda like an "Afghan Girl" type of shot. Since it's clear that you have gained their trust.

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    That's what I usually do, but I promised myself I'd try something different this time. I tried to incorporate the subject's surroundings into the images as well. It has a different appeal I guess. The other reason is that the subjects were really skittish. This wasn't one of the schools we taught in but rather a school near to the clinic worksite. The kids didn't know us and tended to run away giggling when i tried to photograph them. This group was like a large gang so they were more daring and i could get in closer. The light didn't allow for 135mm f5.6 as well heh. I would lose the sharpness as well if i went into tele. Unless i stopped down to f8. I got this at a 50mm F5.6 at 1/50. Limitations of ISO 100 film heh.
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    erm....i think the faces are a little too redd......but perhaps its cos of the cold weather. or maybe its just the velvia :P

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    Skin tones on slides are usually like that I didn't bump the saturation nor contrast and my scanner already convieniently dropped the values on both as well. If you check out your shots of people from your roll it should yield similar results. If they're in the sun, it'll be even brighter. It looks much better through a loupe I can't wait to get some proper scans in.
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    nice light. nice exposure.

    what did u meter for to get that nice exposure of the faces despite the backlighting? fill flash?

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    Spot meter. I can't live without it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stoned
    Spot meter. I can't live without it.
    OK. But WHAT did you meter for? not how ... one of the boys faces? EV corrected?


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