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Thread: Upgrade from Canon G12, should I get G7X MII, G5X or G1X MII

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    Default Upgrade from Canon G12, should I get G7X MII, G5X or G1X MII

    Hi guys,

    My trusty old G12 died, and when I sent it in for servicing, I was told that its repair parts are obsolete. Am wondering which model should I upgrade to, G7 X Mark II or G5 X or G1 X Mark II? My budget is around $800, and after trading in my faulty G12, I can get the G5X and G1X MII at around $820. The G7X MII would cost around $655.

    I will use it mainly on my annual or bi-annual travels, and sometimes when I go out and expect to take photos or videos with friends. Basically, I don't use a camera often but I still want a decent P&S camera on hand. Goggle shows that the G7X MII has the most positive reviews, as did its predecessor, but I can't find much info on the other 2 models. The G1X MII has a larger 1.5"sensor compared to the other two, but it was also released quite a while back. One advantage the G7X MII has over the other two is that it has the newer DIGIC 7 processor, which makes me lean towards this.

    Anyone has any experiences with these models? Are there any reasons to get either the G5X or G1X MII based on my usage and needs?

    Lastly, what tripod would you recommend with these cameras? Would the GorillaPod Magnetic or Video be better, or is the Original good enough? Thanks for any advice!

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    Default Re: Upgrade from Canon G12, should I get G7X MII, G5X or G1X MII

    I'm wondering if you use the fully articulating screen, external viewfinder and manual controls on your Canon G12 much? If yes then I think G5X will be a good fit. If not then G7X II should be good enough. Both G5X and G7X II use the same sensor and lens so image quality should be similar. However as you said G7X II has DIGIC 7 processor so is better if you tend to shoot bursts of RAW photos frequently.

    G1X Mark II is older and the sensor though larger is technically not as good as the other 2. Get it if you don't mind the slightly bigger bulk and absolutely need the longer focal length in the 100-120mm range. Otherwise I would choose the other 2.

    Didn't know GorillaPod has so many versions now heh... looking at it's website, I don't think the magnetic version will be much more useful than the original. The Video version comes with a pan-tilt head... so I guess if you need that function then get it, if not the original is good enough.

    I use the Canon G7X Mark I though I also have a DSLR, but it meets most of my needs and is much more portable. Hope this helps

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    Default Re: Upgrade from Canon G12, should I get G7X MII, G5X or G1X MII

    I'm not a photographer but just like to highlight one unique feature of the G3X that makes it a videographer's favourite PowerShot.
    Open the side flap and you will be surprised to see a mic port and ......A HEADPHONE PORT!
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    Consider the Ulanzi micro fluid effect video head paired with the miggo Splat. Both are superior to Joby's solutions.

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    Default Re: Upgrade from Canon G12, should I get G7X MII, G5X or G1X MII

    Personally I have a G7x that I usually have with me all the time, though more recently I've been shooting with a friend's G5x. Haven't tried the G7x mark II or G1x but I would imagine its pretty similar. Ergonomics and general performance is relatively similar, though a small gripe that I do have is that it's a little hard to grip (might be just me though). It more or less comes down to whether you need the EVF if it's between these two. Personally the viewfinder is not something I'd usually use with such a small form factor camera, so my pick between the two will be the G7x mark II since it's cheaper.

    Regarding the G1x II however, I do think the added zoom will be great particularly when you bring it on holiday. The size issue shouldn't be too much of an issue, seeing that you're upgrading from a G12, which, should be roughly the same size.

    No comment on the gorillapod though, I usually just use a small travel tripod for most situations. Found the legs a little fiddly so I gave mine away a long time ago...

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    Default Re: Upgrade from Canon G12, should I get G7X MII, G5X or G1X MII

    Hey guys, thanks for all the inputs. I got the G7X MII last week, along with a GorillaPod Original.

    Traded in my old camera but I still have the batteries and charger. Anyone here can make use of 2 Canon NB-7L batteries and the charger? I think its used for the Canon G10, G11, G12.

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    Default Re: Upgrade from Canon G12, should I get G7X MII, G5X or G1X MII

    Good one... shoot more and enjoy the process


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