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Thread: qns abt studio shoot for fz series

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    Default qns abt studio shoot for fz series

    hey guys, anyone tried studio shots with fz series???, coz the guide by some pros is that you shoot as high aperture as possible, but whenever i attach a flash or a IR trigger, i can only hold the aperture at 2.8... i can only take non-overexpose shoot with an old strob which i think is not powerful enough liao... is it just my cam that when attach a flash the aperture cannot change??

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    When u attach a flash the FZ series,

    In any of the mode, the shutter speed would be fix at 1/60 because in the setting for external flash in the camera is set to auto, once u check that to manual, and switch to manual, it would be in full manual mode where u can set both aperture and shutter.

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    hey you are right.... how did i missed that out... awww man.... i have missed sooo many opportunities becoz of this folly... man... time to recoup lost time.. thanks a million... anyone else care to share tips or pics using panasonic cams for studios?? hope this thread helps other ppl seeking help in this area...

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    My experience with shooting in studio with FZ20 was that the LCD or EVF can't see well in low light studio condition. So I have to brighten up the studio when I use FZ20.

    So can't really do low key shoot very well.
    after that time, I did not use FZ20 for studio.
    Maybe I should have brighten up the LCD alittle more....

    Francis Tan.


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