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Thread: Need advise - School photography

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    My advise : Give up this assignment

    no way SB-800 can cover such a big group of pple, even if u just use it for fill flash in outdoor, for me i need 3 flashes to trigger wirelessly. problem is the sun keep moving so the lighting condition will change. so u got to adjust accordingly to keep the lighting consistent.

    Towards noon time, the sun can be too harsh until u can forget about shooting outdoor, so u got to start really early in the morning, but u will only have a few hours window to shoot if u want outdoor.

    if u want to shift it indoor in the afternoon, your SB-800 will not be able to cover everyone evenly, for me i got to use 3 strobe, but since u have no experience using studio lighting, i think u better dont try it on a actual assignment. Firstly, the students will not have time for you to trail & error with the lightings, esp when you can't control them. secondly, the sch will not give u time to reshoot if the photo screw up.

    u want to outsource? sure, hope u wont end up making a LOSS instead of profit
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    Wai, thanks for your tips. Well, the "out-sourcing" part is that I am asking my friend's company's designers to do the job since they are already doing the design and printing of the year book. I will quote them my photography services without the "outsourced" portions and the printing company is supposed to add in that portion of the cost into the total package price they quoting to the school. I didn't know a SB-800 is not good enough for a class photo. Probably need to think twice about quoting them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Magix88
    A very big thank you for all the input brothers.

    hmmm ... you guys are making me worried as there is no mention of taking class photos indoors. All I have is a SB-800 flash unit. Thoughts of setting up studio lighting is ideal but I had no prior experience doing it. Maybe its time for me to start paying to attend lessons. Having it done within a day or over a few days is ok.

    As far as my memory can recall, I do see alot of one man show taking class photos. But I agree it will be super taxing on the voice cord and endurance.

    Well, I supposed the school is either making it complusory for the students to buy all the 5R prints or they are giving it free to the students. I am supposed to quote inclusively the 3000 5R prints together with the 80+ 8R photos into one folder. I am thinking to outsource the input of names into the photographs to my friend's printing firm in concern (they got full time designers on mac machines) and for the pasting of 8R photos into the folder shall be outsourced to the printing company as well. I believe they can do a much better job than me.

    The fact that my friend has much faith in me to do a good job. I guess I should just go ahead and quote properly to preserve photographers' esteem + pocket.
    SB 800 for indoors class group, no way. As most likely classes will be arrange in 4 rows, you will need F8 to F11 for best results, depends on distance and power of power pack. Its only 5R prints, so F8 i believe good liao. then you need to light up back ground as well, at least 2 lights, if behing is curtain in school hall, must remember it absords lights. please pm me the school, maybe i do that school b4, can help you.
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    Default Re: Need advise - School photography

    Quote Originally Posted by Magix88
    I didn't know a SB-800 is not good enough for a class photo. Probably need to think twice about quoting them.
    you need at lest 3 studio lights, the main lights has to be 2000w and above, don't forget you still have to shoot a major group photo of a 150 pax.

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