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Thread: LX1 Rocks!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by weekh View Post
    Got myself the GX100 yesterday and had some wonderful pics taken with it. Hopefully these pics will pay for this cam.
    Love the wide angle at 24mm and went ahead to buy the 19mm lens today!
    How do you find the image quality and lens sharpness in comparison with the LX1 and LX2?

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    for some reasons, cannot post the pics here lah...

    The 24mm is shiok but the 19mm is even better!

    The lens is pretty sharp! ISO 200 is certainly better than LX1 and 2.

    I like the LX1 / 2 screen better. But the viewing angle on the GX100 is certainly better.

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    we need pix shown to be convinced ler..
    used Nikon, Canon, Panasonic n Oly.. now Fujifilm

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