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Thread: any alternative to Fuji F10/F11?

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    Default any alternative to Fuji F10/F11?

    Hi all,

    other than F11 and F10 from Fuji, are they any other brand which can offer the same good quality low light photo at ISO 800/1600??

    I am looking for something like F10 or F11 but i want something that runs on AA batt so would need to look at other brands


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    Default Re: any alternative to Fuji F10/F11?

    How about an older model from Fujifilm, the E550?

    Check our dpreview:

    ISO400 is above average, and there is an ISO800 3MP mode.

    Uses 2X AA.

    There is also the newer 9MP E900.,

    Attractive 32mm equivalent FOV that is slightly wider thant he usual 36~38mm you get with most P&S. Plus, can shoot in RAW mode...
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    Default Re: any alternative to Fuji F10/F11?

    hmm how is the battery life for F11 .. ???

    compared to 2 AA batts ???


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