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Thread: Crossing Bridges 14 - Jiangnan China 5-11 November 2017

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    Default Crossing Bridges 14 - Jiangnan China 5-11 November 2017

    This year is the 14th year of Crossing Bridges
    It will be held in Zhuji, Zhejiang Province , Jiangnan area

    Dates: 5 Nov 2017 5pm – 11 Nov 2017 3pm
    Location: Zhuji city, Zhejiang province, China


    WHAT is Crossing Bridges?

    Once a year photographers from different cultures gather for a week of networking , friendshio and shooting

    9 countries participating
    China , Taiwan , South Korea, Philippines , Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore , Indonesia and Sri Lanka

    Holiday shooters look elsewhere; this is not for you

    Its not a holiday and criterias apply:
    - active in promoting photography as an amature or ptofessional
    - contribute to team building and photography community building
    - ability to take hardship and little sleep for 7 days but still put on a smile to encourage others

    Interested photographers please PM to ed9119

    Crossing Bridges XIV will be held in the city of Zhuji, Zhejiang, China. Situated 60km south of Hangzhou city, it is a small but vibrant city that is seldom seen by tourists overseas. Beautifully nested in rolling mountains and picturesque waterways, it is the world’s largest supplier of socks/stockings (60% of world market) and fresh water pearls (86% of world market). Zhuji is also one of the larger suppliers of underwear, conduits, pipes, copper hardware to the Chinese and international market. Zhuji also produces several varieties of grapes as well as strawberries and blueberries.

    Cultural background
    Zhuji is the hometown of one of the four beauties in Chinese history, Xishi. In the warring periods, Xishi sacrificed herself to be given to the King of Wu Kingdom as a tribute from the conquered Yue kingdom. Xishi effectively mesmerized the Wu king so much that Yue kingdom was able to secretly rebuild their army and ultimately conquer and destroy the Wu kingdom. Our logo of CB XIV pays tribute to Xishi with a caricature of her likeness.
    This is the current itinerary summary. Itinerary is subject to change.


    Day Zero
    Arrival pickup

    Day 1
    Arrival pickup
    Photo Exhibition
    Opening Dinner

    Day 2
    Wuxie National Park
    5 waterfalls
    Bamboo forest
    Old waterways
    Autumn colors (hopefully)
    Tradtional clothing model shooting

    Day 3
    Zhaojia - Home of the rare Xiangfei nut
    Xiangfei National Park
    Xiang Fei (Introduction, harvesting, processing)
    Datang township - World capital of socks manufacturing
    Socks factory visit

    Day 4
    Dongbai Lake Area
    Misty mountains landscape and daily life shoot
    Mock Traditional wedding banquet (lunch)
    Thousand Pillar House (ancient buildings)
    Daily life street shoot
    Ancient confucious school
    Traditional clothing model shoots
    Traditional Opera in ancient setting shoot

    Day 5
    Shanxiahu - World capital of freshwater pearls
    Pearl farming
    Pearl harvesting
    Pearl factory visit
    East China Jewellery trade center visit

    Day 6
    Tradtional Shaoxing Wine Factory visit
    Countryside traditional homes visit

    Day 7 END
    Zhuji City Architecture
    Closing Ceremony Lunch
    Send off to airport

    Pickup, Send off and Travel Information

    We will arrange for airport pickups and send off at Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport (HGH) on 4th and 5th Nov. AND on 11th Nov (send off) Actual timings will be based on flight information of the participants. Regardless if you are extending your trip

    OTHER Nearby Airports (find your own way to Zhuji)

    Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport (SHA) – 280km away
    Shanghai Pudong International Airport (PVG) – 300km away

    Getting to Zhuji city on your own

    From Hangzhou city to Zhuji
    Train: Highspeed trains are available from Hangzhou East Station to Zhuji Station. Many trains everyday.

    From Hangzhou Xiaoshan International airport to Zhuji
    Airport Express Bus: There is a bus station within Hangzhou Airport at domestic arrivals terminal gate 14 where buses direct to Zhuji bus station is available. Buses are also available in the reverse direction from Zhuji bus station to Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport.

    From Shanghai Hongqiao Airport to Zhuji
    Shanghai Highspeed train station is connected to Hongqiao Airport where you can catch a highspeed train to Zhuji Station.

    From Shanghai Pudong International Airport to Zhuji
    Take the metro/subway all the way to Shanghai Hongqiao Airport Station (90mins). From there you can catch a highspeed train to Zhuji Station.

    From Shanghai city to Zhuji via bus
    You can take a taxi direct to Shanghai South Long Distance Bus Station where you can catch a bus to Zhuji. You can also take the metro/subway to Shanghai South Railway station and walk to Shanghai South Long Distance Bus

    From Zhuji train station or bus station, you can just grab a taxi cab and head to the hotel. Just make sure the participant have the hotel name and address in Chinese on a mobile or printed out on a piece of paper. Just show the taxi driver. Hotel name and address in Chinese:


    Accommodation for the entire CB XIV will be in a single hotel. There will be no hotel changes for the entire trip.

    Hotel information
    We will be staying in Huanjiang Star Boutique hotel (浣江之星精品酒店) offering 60 twin sharing and 40 single queen sized bed rooms. The hotel has a mid-sized supermarket in the same building which will be very convenient for participants. Situated in the same building are small restaurants, bubble tea shop, a pool/snooker house, internet café and a KTV. Many shops are situated within short walking distance from the hotel, like small restaurants, hairdressing salons, and a pharmacy,

    Participants will be staying in 4-star standard twin sharing hotel rooms. Each room comes with two separate beds and we will house 2 participants to each room. Internet TV and free Wi-fi access comes standard with each room.

    Single Occupancy upgrade
    For the first time in Crossing Bridges we will be offering single occupancy upgrade at an additional cost (See Cost section for upgrade cost).
    Single occupancy upgrade can only be applied to the entire stay for CB XIV, and not for individual nights during the CB period.

    Tap water
    Zhuji’s tap water is one of the best in the country as it is supplied by the environmentally protected Dongbai Lake (which we will be visiting). Tap water is potable/drinkable. Each room comes with a kettle and teacups.

    Cost for participant
    Cost for Crossing Bridges XIV Zhuji is
    SGD 870 twin sharing
    SGD 1120 single own room

    The cost includes:
    1. Hotel accommodation
    2. All internal transfer on air-conditioned transport per itinerary
    3. All meals per itinerary
    4. Entrance fee for all places of interest per itinerary
    5. Daily mineral water

    The cost does not include:
    1. Airfares
    2. Personal and travel insurances throughout the journey
    3. Personal expenses (Drinks, Alcohol, etc)
    4. Visa fees if any


    Signup closing dates
    The closing date for signup by individuals is July 23rd

    Visa requirements and invitation letters
    For participants who need a visa to enter China, we will be issuing invitation letters from Zhuji Folklore Photography Association. This document is required for them to apply the entry visa in their respective countries.


    Country showcase video/slideshow

    Each country will be required to put together a video or slideshow of photos of our own respective country.

    We will play these videos during the opening ceremony. The photos or videos can be landscapes or daily life/street photos shot in your country showcasing the works from your organizations/communities.
    The video should not be longer than 5 minutes.
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