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    Nice shots.
    Lovely the colours. Keep posting , mate

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    yeah i like the colours wor...
    using what camera ah ?

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    I like pic 1. Pic 2 is too dark... can't see much. Pic 3 is normal. I really like pic 1, timing is good with where the cable car is...

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    Thanks everyone,i'm using D70s.

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    Good shots Weilong (can't be a newbie, if yes, just promoted to old-hand, semi-pro??).

    Especially like #1 - as said the cable car is strategically place. Great comp. Horizon straight, cable car lines movin at angle, gives feeling that the car is still movin and breaking parallel lines - just fantastic.

    #2 - for me, I will probably cut off much of the foreground as it does not add to what I want to say - a great sunset!

    #3 - looks like you took this when the sun has already set. The next time try to take it just when the sun is setting - it gives a different feel when the sky is still blue.

    Shoot more and more. Keep posting!
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