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Thread: Deleting a post

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    I've been trying to delete a post i posted a few months back but I just simply couldn't.
    That post unfortunately contains my full name and my mobile phone number which can now be found on google thanks to this forum.
    I initially thought that the full name given to clubsnap was for the forum's identification purpose only. Never knew that the full name will be shown up together with my mobile number publicly.

    I have emailed the administrator twice, but no one gets back to me.

    Does anyone here know how to delete a post?

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    Default Re: Deleting a post

    As far as I know, buy and sell posts cannot be deleted. In that one post (only) your phone number is in "code"

    However, you can edict your profile to remove your name.

    By googling your name, Clubsnap post has only one line of a long list.
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