Greeting to all
I'm a newbie to digi cam
after reading some review, i have shortlist these 3 digi cam
1) Canon : PowerShot S2 IS
2) Olympus : SP-500 UZ
3) Panasonic : DMC-FZ5
4) Other : Need Recommend^^

can any bro here, advice to me, which digi cam good to take?
such as, how is the :

photo image(how gd the image in low-light area, on event/room, or night short)
Manual focus
External flash
addon lens/filters
over all perforance?
Budget : about $600 - $900 Max
(can increase the budget, if the digi cam is good)

Understand these shortlisted digi cam is new,
so like to seen all the pro advice here b4 i get a digi cam^^
or what function i should look out for