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    Friends at Clubsnap

    since my previous posting about the conman WILLIAM SOON, CEO of MICHWORLD, i have received some further quiries as some photographers here did came into contact with the conman

    i also took advise from some fellow clubsnappers to check with ACRA, and got some further info. thus i would put up more public information about the conman

    the conman name WILLIAM SOON, NRIC 1801397E, owns and run MICHEWILLIAMS INERNATIONAL HOLDING PTE LTD. the actual location should be at Robinson Road No.61, Robinson Centre #17-04. But I called the recept at Robinson Centre and was told WILLIAM SOON went over to Ngee Ann City Tower A #13-08. this man WILLIAM SOON also doing a fake magazine name MICHEWORLD, MICA(P) 209/09/2005, info from the Media Authority of Singapore.

    the magazine not even published yet. and already WILLIAM SOON is being complainted about copy rights infringement. the magazine sample WILLIAM SOON showed me earlier, the photographs does not belong to him. Its was stolen.

    in fact, WILLIAM SOON now is already faced with law suits him. but it seems that this conman WILLIAM SOON is trying to pull a quick one on everyone else. this WILLIAM SOON, could be getting photographs from everybody and anywhere, with false promises of payment and use of fake sample magazine, and later on he could just ran away somewhere.

    already WILLIAM SOON had shifted from Robinson Centre to Ngee Ann City. beware of this conman

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    err, i think you better rephrase... try to remove the suggestive remarks. Not labelled unless proven guilty.
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    I think u have posted enough to warn everyone about this guy.. It seems that all your posts have to involve him to a certain degree..
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    Quote Originally Posted by Del_CtrlnoAlt
    err, i think you better rephrase... try to remove the suggestive remarks. Not labelled unless proven guilty.
    Yeah, this is correct. Got to be a little more prudent in the lingo you use here.

    Like all smart or shrewd businessman, he said he will pay, in 30 days, 60 days, 90 days or in 3 years time!

    There is a word or rather term for it in accounting lingo - bad debt to be written off. Once it is written off, you turn to a new page, a new "virgin" page and move on. You forgive your debtor as you as for forgiveness. As Christmas is like 10 days away.

    So, learn from your experience, forget about it like a bad dream and move on and go for a better tomorrow.
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    dont post such remarks in an online forum. he could still theoretically sue you for defamation as he has not been proven guilty yet. your labels like 'conman' and 'fake magazine' could land you in hot soup

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    Please note that CS is not a complain ground.

    Thread closed.



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