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Thread: Bounce Card @ Laminate?

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    Default Bounce Card @ Laminate?

    Hi to all the CS forumers,

    I want to ask is it better to laminate my own DIY bounce card?

    My bounce card condition: sticked with shiny sticker !!!

    Please enlighten me. Thx!

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    I believed I read it some where that it is not a good idea to laminate your bounce card. Reason because you dun want your bounce card to act like a mirror that reflect light in a single direction just like a direct flash, you want it to reflect light in all directions. It would be better if the surface is not smooth somemore.

    Correct me if I am wrong.

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    not so sure bout that too.. some ppl belief if the more reflective bounce card are, the more the light will be bounced!

    anyway, pls enlighten me...

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    I actually made mine with a matte surface. No direct comparisons, but I think it's softer that way.
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