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Thread: Booking flight on Air Asia website

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    Default Booking flight on Air Asia website

    Hi guys,

    Wonder how many of you have been tempted by the $0 tickets offered by Airais to Kota kinabalu, only to rush to the website ot book the tickets to be faced by error messages.

    My dad was such a case and when you go down to their office to book, they tell you the offer is for online booking only...

    Sheesh... Yeah and online also cannot book... Can imagine my dad's disappointment.

    Any on eof you guys manage to book the flight or have similer experiences?

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    Default Re: Booking flight on Air Asia website

    Hi, after numerous error messages, i managed to book 4 "free" air tix. Be advised the free refers to air tix not the taxes. Taxes comes up to about $60 per person.


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