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Thread: How would you reply?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeremyftk
    I meant if he started speaking in the languages he mentioned...
    why wld speaking in russian, korean or arabic make one think that he's a terrorist???

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    Default Re: How would you reply?

    "No taking photography in the building"

    I've delibrately "act blur", say sorry and dash off, after taking the photo.

    Done it a few times liao.

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    because media photographer will just ignore him and fire away....

    anyway, it's been already warned that no photography and handphones allowed. only media/official photogs are allowed.

    i was using a 17-55 lens to shoot the players tee off beside the complaints.

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    Lightbulb Re: How would you reply?

    ah, i see, it seems that photography by 'non-official photographers' was prohibited. if so, no ground. just swallow it.
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