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You are so right! I totally agree that you use a digital camera because you do not want to fuss with the hassle of having your film developed, processed and scanned. Plus, your photos can be shared among your freinds and relatives easily. FYI, I am using a Nikon Coolpix 8800 for that purpose. None of my fancy DSLR can do this job better. Why? Too bulky and too complex (to a certain extend). I want a fast working camera to capture my baby girl's huge grin with chocolate sauce all over her mouth. I don't want to fuss with histograms when I am actually "enjoying" photography. For once, it is fun and not work.

Seasons greetings!
Thanks. I know what you mean, my girl is only 15 mths old. I was using the CP5700, but the focusing was too slow to capture her smile and actions... In the end, I bought the D50, cause it's fast enough for me to control and capture those precious moments. However, D50 is still too big/ bulky for my wife to use. Perhaps I could consider a fast compact for her to use in future. Any fast and good compact...