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    this pictured was taken when i want to check for dust on my ccd. it is taken at f32 with flash at a blank wall. after auto level, i found these lines. i change lens but still the same. i tried a longer exposure and move my camera around to make sure that they are not details of the wall but still the same. are they scratches on my ccd sensor?

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    Default Re: sensor ccd scratched

    ur best bet will be to go to the service centre and have a check.
    did u do any cleaning like using swipes before?

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    They look like tiny fibre. I have had that before numerous times and I got rid of it myself when ever I clean up my CCD sensor. Try using a blower to see if you can get rid of it or move a bit. YOu should bring the camera to the dealer to get it checked out. Hopefully it just some tiny fibres because to change that sensor is not a cheap thingy since it is the heart and soul of the camera.

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    could be dust...

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    doesn't look like a scratch. try blowing it and see if it comes back

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    actually i noticed it long ago but did not take it to heart. recenty, i did some cleaning using Sensor Clean from visible dust. after clearing, i realised that the lines are still there. that's i afraid that the sensor has been scratched when i first received it.....


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