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Thread: 10D or D100

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    Default 10D or D100

    hix all,

    would like to hear from you guys which cam is better? (pls state ur reason)
    canon 10D or nikon D100

    and just curious what is the differences between canon 300D n 350D(image wise and handling wise)

    thx in advance

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    Default Re: 10D or D100

    i smell a "war" is goin to start when ppl start to post.

    *do a search on respective forums, u will have all the info down there.

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    Default Re: 10D or D100

    if war is going to start by asking this type of Question... i don think this is a forum for newbie to come.... whoever here post thread that had been post or ask b4 will face unfriendly comment by other..... if that the case... why set up this forum?????

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    Default Re: 10D or D100

    EOS 10D

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    Default Re: 10D or D100

    i think its "N" vs "C".....

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    personnel feel color nikon better fu g best canon can try to compare side by side same aperture same place same time same setting.same lap delvopled, not on pc ok


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