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Thread: Photography Carnival at iShop

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    Default Photography Carnival at iShop

    Hi guys....just found this from my inbox....

    Think the Aperture Public Review will be more of interest to most of you all here. There will be speical offers for the Mac machines when you get the Aperture software itself, as told by my friend working there.....


    Photography Carnival at iShop
    Date: Sat 10th Dec 2005

    iPhoto competition* in-store

    Produce a 10 page photo book & short writeup for iShop using iPhoto in 15 mins.
    (Using materials provided by iShop)

    Stand to win a 12" iBook and 2GB iPod Nano for in each Adult
    and Children Category*.

    Limited to first 80 kids (6-12 years old) and first 80 teens/adults. Walk-in signup
    starts at 11am. Competition will start at 12pm.

    A short lesson will be given to all participants beforehand to equip you with the
    skills to join the contest.

    For current users of iPhoto, test your skills to the limit!

    Guest Appearance
    Venue: In-store Theatre

    1530 - Aperture Public Preview (Limited seats available, please RSVP via email with Guest Appearance by ChuanDo and Frey

    1630 - Toy Sight Seminar (for Kids)

    1800 - Prize ceremony for iPhoto Competition

    1900 - iLife’05 seminar “Digital Photos @ Home on the Mac"

    Link :
    Link 2 :
    About Aperture :

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    Default Re: Photography Carnival at iShop

    Sorry, but can the admin close one of the repeated thread? I think I clicked the button too fast

    Thanks and sorry abt it...


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