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Thread: NKF issues revisited

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    Quote Originally Posted by reachme2003
    on 21 Dec ST, chua mui hoong wrote 'no more passing the buck please'. a good piece of hard hitting journalism.
    For that matter, Susan Long made a bold statement and so got sued by that CEO. The thing is that journalist are not that easily sued in court for several reasons - they are protected by what is known as "fair comment". What is fair or not fair is up to the judge to decide. In most cases, it is extremely difficult to proof that the comment is not fair and the comment written has some form of malice or other intent. Another is that they are backed up by a huge organisation.

    For the rest of us, got to be a little more careful in what we say, especially in the written form, like in a public forum like this.
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    I would think that Media and Newspaper companies treat defamation suits as part of their operating costs and are mosly unfazed by them, so unless you're sure of winning of have lots of money to throw around, its often not wise to commence such proceedings against them.

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