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    Hi guys,
    I need to know where I can get a SD to CF adapter for my A40 so that I can utilise my SD cards to take photos.

    I've searched through past threads and checked out the places discussed before but couldn't find any shops selling them.

    I'm looking for the Type 1 SD to CF adapter which is thinner than the Type 2 version (micro drive size).

    Any one knows of any place that sells this? Or 2nd hand also can..

    Thanks for your time.

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    Default Re: SD to CF Adapter

    Think I saw these adaptors at EastGear. Not sure if it's Type 1 or 2 though. If I remembered correctly, it was going for above $70.

    Or you could order from overases (but may not be worth it if it's in small quantities) from (only Type 2) or =0 (Type 1 & 2). For the Mittoni one, you may have one problem. They only accept payment via telegraphic/wire transfers.

    Or you could go ask around at Sim Lim.

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    Just saw them at SLS, Elite. $55 for SD to CF converter. Not sure which type though. Though it was expensive cos i remembered some CSers said they got it real cheap. U have to search for the tread though.


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