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Thread: Imaging Resource E-500 Review is up!

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    Default Imaging Resource E-500 Review is up!

    As usual, they give an excellent, detailed and objective review!

    I really like that they post lotsa of thier 'technical analysis' test results and thier IMAtest results!

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    Default Re: Imaging Resource E-500 Review is up!

    An exerpt of the conclusion, which is good enough for you to rush to the store for E-500 now:

    "The availability of high-quality, affordable lenses is important to any entry-level SLR, and this has been addressed both by Olympus themselves in the form of the two lenses just mentioned, as well as by third-party lens maker Sigma, who now has an extensive and growing line of Four Thirds-compatible lenses available.

    The E-500's image quality is generally quite good, with pleasing color and image noise matching that of the competition at all but its highest ISO setting. If you're shopping for a digital SLR, and don't already own a bagful of Canon or Nikon lenses, the Olympus E-500 EVOLT deserves a very close look indeed. It will be interesting to see how the E-500 fares in the market, but our prediction is that its going to be one of the hottest SLRs going, both in the upcoming holiday season and throughout 2006 as well. Highly recommended, and one of the standout bargains in the entire SLR field."

    Please visit imaging resource (link as posted above) for a complete and comprehensive review.


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