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    My kind of guy,kekeke...

    A lifelong gun enthusiast, Barrett never went to college and worked as a commercial photographer and reserve deputy for years before he started tinkering with the .50-caliber Browning Machine Gun in the early 1980s.

    The heavy recoil of the Browning made it nearly impossible to shoot without it being mounted on a turret, but Barrett's rifle reduces recoil to the point where it can be shoulder-fired, while the weapon rests on a bipod.

    Barrett says he was nearly $1.5 million in debt at one point trying to get the business on its feet. He sold his first guns to the military in the late 1980s and the long-range weapons gained popularity after they were used to attack Iraqi tanks in the 1991 war.

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    Its a pity we ain't allowed to own BB guns. Sigh... Some of those 1:1 replicas are just sooooo beautiful.

    Imagine that, a rack at home full of guns of every variety.

    Anyway, I dun think Browning .50 MG is powerful enuff. Try this:

    1 bullet thru ya head with that and u'll see the head pop like a balloon and ur spirit prolly can't find 1/10th of the head.
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    guess a photographer's hobby is all about....

    SHOOTING!!!!! p.a.ppap....aa.a..appapapaaa......

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    Quote Originally Posted by jsbn
    Its a pity we ain't allowed to own BB guns. Sigh...
    We have water guns


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