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    Red face Need Help !!

    Hello uncle passed me a yashica FX-3 Super 2000 ..when to a shop ..he told my that my lens are he there is not point in cleanin it up..i am wonderin can i just get a cheap 2nd lens..for that camera and how much will it be..where can i get them ? The current lens which is mounted on the 75-200mm..i am really lost..hope you guys could help me wit tis one..thanks

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    There is a few 2nd hand hop at Peninsula Plaza (City Hall). You can take a look there see if any...For The price, it depend on the lens you buying...

    Good luck for your search...

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    it will be 150+ rite at least ?

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    I think you should
    1) find out from the net or other sources what type of lens your yashica FX-3 Super 2000 body uses
    2) figure out what type of lens you need
    (like how many mm to how many? a wide and tele lens would be good)
    3) try to do a search for the type of lens you need in forum, see whether people are still selling. (Maybe you can put up a want to buy post?)
    4) if you lazy to find out all these, maybe just go to 2nd hand shop at Peninsula Plaza(as said by Goldenstar08).

    Because I feel that 2nd hand shop will take hammer and suck $$ out of you. :P
    Or maybe its just my opinion :P

    (Someone please correct me if any information above is incorrect)

    Just my comments

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    i wldnt goto 2nd hand shops. i think i trust CSers more than 2nd hand shops. not to mention tt TCW has quite high prices e.g. EF-S 18-55 is going for $150.

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    okay..thanks guys..i am still lost after readin up much bout the camera..i am new to this..

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    anyone else ?

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    Ok, will try to put in plain English.

    What are you going to shoot? People, landscapes, indoor, outdoor, etc, The current lens is what we call a zoom lens for taking pics at a far distance. If you need to take pics of people, then look for a lens with 28-70mm, 28-80mm, 28-105mm, or even 28-200mm.

    These are all called wide angle to zoom lenses and are use full for travelling purposes. In a sense, you do not need to carry more than 1 lense with you.

    Look up the Buy & Sell thread for others who may want to sell theirs or go to MS Color, Cathay Photo, Alan Photo or TCW to enquire about lenses.


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    thanks alot gave me a better picture...


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