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    Some photo to share.

    Comments and Critiques welcome ..

    1. Yummy Strawberries

    2. Sliced Strawberries

    3. Sweetcorn

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    4. Chocolate Beanies

    5. Chocolate Abstract (They are thicken milo actually)

    6. Perfect Egg

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    untidy green leaves atop strawberries unattractive, take care in choosing only the best products for shoot. distracting OOF strawberry in pic #2, i think it'll look just as nice without it. Would like to see something more creative for 'perfect egg'.

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    Try to change your lighting angle. Top lighting isn't always the best. Lacks contrast in all photos. If you have macro lens, it will work wonders on your shots. Composition wise, all your product is dead on centre which makes the image looks stiff. Again not all the time you need to fill in the whole full frame of a 35mm.

    Look for some Still life photos on the net and maybe read some books on it. Colours are also not vibrant enough. Doing some post process is good as well.

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    Thank you for all the valuable comments.

    Agree that the strawberry leaves are a distraction and the OOF. need to practice a lot more.

    Too bad dun have a macro lens. All photo taken with the D70s + Kit Lens, sometime with a +3 filter. External flash bounce off ceiling. Took these shot for selling on microstock sites which is why i try to cover the full frame. Too much white space and the photo get rejected.

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    I like 2,3 & 6
    Strawberry leaves though not perfect but it looks natural in that way.
    Sweet corn is sharp and good and its center compostion is fine but without
    the bottom "triangle gap" might be better.
    Like the simplicity of the egg pix , think the "rule of third" can be eliminated
    for this shot.
    Just my preference.

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    i love your 2nd & 4th shots .. i wish there is more sharpness in ur strawberry shot


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