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Thread: Wana buy lens...=)

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    Quote Originally Posted by seanlim
    yep..i quite liked this lens when i saw it......but whats the minimumm focus range?if its like 45cm,i have to stand real back.....hiaz....dilema
    min focussing range at macro mode is 0.9cm

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    Hi Sean,

    I shoot macro.....but i don't own a macro lens. How? Use reverse or macro filters lor.

    Reverse is hard to control cos u have got to go really close to the subject and in the case of insects, photogs prefer longer lens so they can take the shot furthur away and not disturb the insects.

    Filters are alot easier though if you get the lousy hoya ones, the image quality tends to degrade at the edges. Better to spend a bit more to get the nikon or canon filters.

    I also shoot macro on compact cams. That's why i got a FZ for.

    You may want to consider the 50mm with the BR2A and a set of macro filters b4 getting a true macro lens. The 50mm can back up as a general walkabout or portrait lens too. The total cost will prob add up to that of a sigma 50mm macro.

    Also b4 writing so many arugment provoking treads, think of the consequences. No point getting all the arrows aimed at you.

    Btw, go for more outings or save up for classes. They are the best way to kick things off.


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    Default Re: Wana buy lens...=)

    just FYI my 105 macro min. distance is 0.314m

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    Default Re: Wana buy lens...=) to solve my prob i just stand back n get a zoom lens issit?

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