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    Just wondering, will slides be affected if passed through the X-Ray Machine?

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    Dun try with velvia .... even with x ray bag
    I got 4 rolls of velvia turns purple !!!

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    Oh my then how ah? how abt kodak elite chrome iso 100

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    Quote Originally Posted by locksley
    Dun try with velvia .... even with x ray bag
    I got 4 rolls of velvia turns purple !!!

    X-ray bag not effective? Is the bag made of lead or what other material?

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    Age old question.

    Many authors tested this by running their negatives and slides with x-ray machines. Tests were done some 8-10 years ago. General guideline is don't run anything faster than iso 400 on the safe side. These folks put their film through x-ray machines minimum of 6 times (cos of interstate flight transfers etc) and still no obvious colour change. Additional risks arise if you put them through those very old x-ray machines cos they use higher radiation dose.

    Controversy over lead lined bag rages. Cons include:
    1. operators will force you to take film out of bag to scan them anyway
    2. operators will increase radiation dose until they can see something
    3. operator will pull film out to manually check that is really film, thus exposing your film

    Personally, I've brought provia100 film through x-ray machine 6 times in all before developing, including that in China and Mongolia in a single trip which may be using older machines. No obvious problems.

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    You can request for handcheck of the film. Although they claim it's safe, there seems to be a color shift on the slides/film that go through.

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    I think yeocolin has pretty much covered it.
    I think the best way is to request for hand-check. If they refuse, then too bad lor


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