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Thread: [S.F.P] "Over Night" Photography Tips With Outing.

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    Default [S.F.P] "Over Night" Photography Tips With Outing.

    Dear all,

    Thank you for all your support for the last outing.
    I really enjoy sharing and shooting with you all.
    This time I am conducting another Event: "Over Night" Photography Tips With Outing on (26.11.2016) Saturday.

    It have been about 5yrs science I last organised the "Over Night" Photography.
    The aim of this outing is to look at a different side of Singapore during out sleeping hours. As we seldom shoot after Midnight, this is a good
    opportunity to do it as a group. Sure you will find more interecting things to shoot and some thing new in you photography journey.
    Here I encourage all to take up the challenge and join me in this outing. It will sure to be fun. All the participant enjoy themself the last round.

    For this outing, I will be sharing with you tips on
    ~ Night hand held photography.
    ~ Use of different lenses.
    ~ Use of flash.
    ~ Setting.
    ~ And More...

    Please bring along your Camera, External Flash (if have), Big aperture lens (Example F/2.8 or Bigger...F/1.4 if have) or Any Lenses & Tripod.

    Sequence of this outing:
    ~ Tips sharing & coffee section.
    ~ Walk from Farrer Park to Bugis area.
    ~ Drink and Rest.
    ~ Walk from Bugis to Clarke Quay.
    ~ Drink & Rest.
    ~ Clarke Quay to City Hall area.
    ~ Drink & Rest.
    ~ SunRise at City Hall area.
    ~ Breakfast & Home Sweet Home.
    ~ (We can alway have more rest inbetween if you want.)

    Date: 26.11.2016 Saturday.
    Time: 11.00pm to 8am
    Location: Meet @ Farrer Park MRT Control Station.
    Real Name: Billy Ng.
    If interested please SMS me : Your NAME, (Over Night) to 94237067...

    Please read this post before you come for this outing for any changes.
    Hope to see you all there.

    Below is the outing page on facebook (Feel free to join my group. Thanks.):

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    Default Re: [S.F.P] "Over Night" Photography Tips With Outing.

    Hi all,

    Thank you all for your full support and joining me walking till the end. Even it rain at the last part of the outing, we spend the time meaningfully learning strobe by my Lighting Master Mr Francis Wong. I truly enjoyed myself the whole night. Hope everyone have fun and enjoy yourself too.

    Special Thanks:
    To Mr Francis Wong for helping out in leading the group, sharing his photography knowledge and teaching us on Strobe (Lighting) Photography.

    Hope to see you all again in the next outing. Cheers.

    Below is the group photos:


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