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Thread: Got customer like diz..... can vomit blood...

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    Quote Originally Posted by anka

    just kidding, no offence to student's profession

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    Quote Originally Posted by Belle&Sebastain
    I love Malay couples the most! I have enjoyed all my shoots with them! They do not bargain and appreicate my work. Everyone makes an effort to feed me whenever possible!
    You're absolutely right. Did a wedding shoot for a malay couple last year.
    Goes to show that there is social grace and class even in a humble void deck wedding.

    I mean, whats the point of having a wedding dinner in a classy 5 star hotel when the behaviour of couples and their family members display otherwise.

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    I've shoot contless Malay weddings. Never once did they bargain after agreeing to the price. And it seems that even though you are the photographer they will treat you like their guest. They insist that I sit down and eat my heart out before taking the next shots. Packing food to bring home is another common thing. The humble void deck wedding is more meaningful and has more grace, warmth and dignity than most 5 star hotel weddings I've been to.

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    I did not follow thru this thread even I have read it, guess many will flows in their advise but let's not get too heated up over this small matter.

    What I will do is ... after confront by the uncles will just walk to the groom and ask if anything else .. if not say bye bye and go off .. dun deleted away the images as it is your hard work!! You still got to show your professionalism no matter how bad the situation can be and keep your cool and remain clam.

    Event over liao .. then we can talk slowly and see what is the best way to resolve the problem. Insist on the 200SGD, else keep it and treat it as a learning curves and shooting experiences .. no harm rite ??

    I have encountered wedding couple dun want me to shot for dinner and ask for replacement from studio, ask for reason say the couple likes to change photog to shoot even for the pre-wedding album ... well what can you do if they are like these ?? Tahan and test your patient lor ... you will be a better photog ..

    Lastly .. not very nice to cite bad things about your cilent here online ... ask for advise frm fellow CSers offline will be better in that sense. WE LEARN .......
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