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    If you had bought any Sony item, you will be encouraged to register your warranty online and become a member of My Sony, where there are supposedly special privileges, offers etc. So I did. One of the first emails I got from them was to do an online survey and get a $20 Sony Accessory voucher. As I proceeded to do so, I read all the terms & conditions and found this phase:

    "Customers must purchase a minimum of S$120 worth of camera accessories and selected batteries in a single receipt in order to redeem for the value on the Accessory Coupon"

    I decided it is not worthy of my time.

    Now, for the purchase of a Sony camera, one is entitled to 30 4R prints "absolutely free for My Sony Members" when ordered via Sony's My ImageStation. If one is observant enough, one will find the line that says delivery not included. A few clicks later, I found out this shipping and handling fee for 30 prints is $8.19 = $0.273/photo. This is more expensive than my regular photo shop at $0.25/photo.

    I felt misled. I won't have such negative feelings about Sony if they didn't try all this gimmickry...

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    Same goes for M1... they know my contract was up, they sent a "buy this phone at $xxx after $200 trade in". I was ok... why not, then upon calling up, I was informed have to sign 2 year contract to get that price, and there wasn't even small print on the paper be grateful yours did!


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