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Thread: Fedup!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BBTM
    Next time I !@#$@^$$%&@#^@& them or if a woman, I her, haha!
    If a woman, ask her if she wants to meet at Hotel 81 Hollywood - down there, I got something very special to show them!

    And never leave your phone at your bedside table. Someone might just sms you at 0230hr and your get up @#$%^.
    I love big car, big house, big lenses, but small apertures.

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    I wonder will they resort to interfer with the airwave and interrupt our radio with their ads.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zaren
    all u need to do is to HANG UP immediately.

    works like a charm.
    haha! I like your style

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    I've asked Intermedia Consultancy (the company which makes these nuisance calls on behalf of almost every blardy bank in Singapore) to take my number off their list for at least a dozen times;

    Demanded to speak to their manager for at least another 4-5 times;

    Yelled at the poor girl at least 2-3 times because I'm either in US or Europe and it was in the middle of the night there...

    NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE....and they are still calling....

    I always tell myself I need to file a police report for harassment but was always too busy the next day. At least I'm now keeping records of the number of times and the time they've called... They better not call me when I'm in a pissed mood.

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    Got a unknown call yesterday. Didn't answer n they didn't call back. But I wondering, what if the call wasn't a prank call?

    Got another idea. Maybe next time, when someone call from other places, example like your parent calling from a friend house etc..., they just add a special code (as in number) to indicate that they are calling from another location but you know the person. This way, those irritating ppl don't have a chance to do that and so, any unknown numbers, safe to IGNORE!
    Only Sony device mostly, haha!

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