Let's all bring out the cake and light one small candle ....

... ClubSNAP is 1 month old and as of this morning (7:05am), we have
  • * 446 members
    * 1,527 threads
    * 10,956 posts
... all in the space of a month!!!

A great big thanks to all the members - this forum's success is ALL due to your participation and contributions. Let's make ClubSNAP the PREMIER Photography Forum for Singapore and some say, even South East Asia.

Watch out for the coming ClubSNAP portal, which, when finished, will be the main landing area for our site. Among other things planned, there will be:-
  • * Picture of the Week/Month
    * Contests
    * Equipment Reviews
    * Photographic Glossary
    * Buying Guides
    * and much more