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Thread: Matilda House

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    Quote Originally Posted by sbs99
    i think u guys got me wrong...i been there couple of times...i know where it is. (i had a hard time pinning down the exact location in Google Earth...tats wat i meant. haha)
    Im juz curious bout the history...years back it's juz a house right smack in the wilderness...
    Not really....
    There were farms and kampongs around there....

    The house was the countryside house of Cashin, delibrately built there, away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

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    thanks for all the replies.
    nah, not going to see spooks la, more to take photos of the old architecture there.
    see got any inspiration a not ma.
    so all the guys here, anyone went and take photo of matilda house b4 ?
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