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Thread: Outrageous Orchard Road photography shop!

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    Whenever I go CP to walk walk/ browse, always got ppl come ask me if they can help me. Whenever I want to buy something, no one comes to me.....why liddat?? Lol. Generally, I think CP has rather good service, especially the tripod/studio department.
    If you understand my works, it's photography. If you don't, it's art.

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    Quote Originally Posted by anka
    reminds me of the first time i wanted to buy my 1st set of d2x. happen to saw it at orchard also.. then i ask how much. he say very expensive also.. then i counted 7x$1000 in front of him. then he said it's $7300. then i said back to him, "i got say i want to buy from you meh?" and i walked off. the shop is above condomania. i didnt see his face after I said that. but am sure he was pissed.

    (it just happens that I was suppose to transfer the money to my pal in malaysia for a malaysian d2x)
    Got guts. I like your style. I would do that if I have the money too. I encounter quite a few bad attitudes shop owners in Orchard too. But for tourists, its number one service wor, even when these tourists were not buying, friendly attitude all the way leh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by powerpuffmum
    redstone : I guess the shop survives on the money they get from conning (is that the word?) lots of tourists and helpless customers stuck in the shop, intimidate them and probably throw some insults (eg : do you actually have a budget?) and the customers ended up bought something they don't really want

    I forgot to mention, when I said that I would make sure nobody I know will go to that shop ever, some of their staff, all men, surrounded me and throw dirty looks.
    No, I didn't shuddered cos I was scared, I shuddered cos I have to fight the urge to throw up.
    they were unbelieveable
    If the man says "what do you want" the moment I walk in, say "want? want your head!"

    If he says "come back when you have a budget and we'll talk about price"
    I say "I intend to buy 10 1GB memory cards from you, but since you're so rude, forget it! I go to the shop upstairs"

    See how he responds.

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