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Thread: my poor compactdrive :(

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    Default my poor compactdrive :(

    I'm silly

    I use my compactdrive as a card reader when I'm at home.
    I plug it into the power.
    For the first time ever, I used non-rechargable batteries.
    I forgot.
    I plugged it in.

    It must have tried to recharge the batteries...
    Today when I tried to unplug my compactdrive to bring on an outing... the plug wouldn't come out, until I pulled hard enough. I realised that the batteries had leaked out, and the power jack/socket is covered with the battery liquid - rusting I suppose - it's brown now, and the plastic on it is melted, and when the power adaptor is plugged in, it doesn't work and the plastic above the jack seems to heat up considerably.

    I opened it up to check if it has leaked onto the HDD - it has, but only on the surface, so I slid the HDD out... but accidentally banged it on the table when it came out, now the HDD has a sound as if something is loose inside when I shake it... Is this normal? I hope i did not ruin the HDD ! and I can't test it as my compactdrive isn't working anyway. oh no oh no!

    Maybe I have to buy another one. OR would repairing / replacing the power adaptor be a better/cheaper option?
    I think the power adaptor and the power socket may need to be replaced. ahhh!

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    2.5" HDDs normally sound as though there's a loose component when shaken, so no worries. They are quite hardy, since they are designed to rough it out on the road. However, that's not an excuse to abuse them. You may want to borrow/buy a cheap external casing (~S$20) to test your HDD out.

    Condolences for your damaged CompactDrive.

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    Default Re: my poor compactdrive :(

    Thanks, I'll try testing it out with external casing

    I guess it's time to shop for another portable storage device..!
    Any suggestions? I'm sure there are plenty of threads about this so I'll do a search.
    Where would I get the best prices for PSDs in Singapore?

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    Default Re: my poor compactdrive :(

    Slight knocking of HDD when it is not power up shouldn't cause problem to the HDD. The only worry is the battery leakage that get on the Electronic circuit may damage the drive electronic.

    The only way is to test out the HDD by using another external HDD case. Cost of HDD can be painful, but the content is a more painful one to lost.

    Hope that the damage is not too big and content is safe.


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