Hello all,
Iím a photographer, and I love my profession. I am planning to hold a small art exhibition , which is basically a fund raiser event, whatever amount will be raised, will go to orphan kids. Me and my group of friends are arranging this,some of them are painters, so will include their paintings for sale as well. This is the first time that we are conducting something like this, and we want it to turn out good. So, we want some flat screen display, for rent for our event, to put up our pics and the paintings, but donít know of where to find them. I did some research online and found this, Freeman Audio visuals, where they have some really cool LED & LCD video wall canvas for high ambient light. It looks good, and attractive too. But, Iím worried about the rental cost, I mean, would it be too high ? We really donít want to spend too much there. Or, some other innovative ideas ? Please help.