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Thread: Night shot on S602Z and candid shot in general

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    Default Night shot on S602Z and candid shot in general

    I found some of the night shots of S602Z give a lot of yellow+orange glow, is it natural? I do not have the pic at hand now (sorry about that), but a good example is a road with even-spaced roadlights at night just after rain shower.

    Another thing is that how to make the sky appear completely dark, as if i expose short, the main subject may not expose sufficiently, well if expose long enough, the sky apprear a little bit whiten up.

    For candid shot in general, when you shot someone esle, what if they scold you? Arr... bad experience. Asking permission defeats the purpose.

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    Verre Vrai


    Any photo to show? If the whole picture looks to warm than adjust the WB to appropriate level.

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    for night shots in general, most digicams will bias the pics to orange cos of the lighting used. you would need to use an appropriate white balance setting.

    if you want the sky to be dark, use flash to illuminate the subject or position the subject under a bright lamp.
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