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Thread: Sigma DG500 Super vs Canon Speedlite 550EX

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    Default Sigma DG500 Super vs Canon Speedlite 550EX

    Hello everyone,

    Being a relative newbie in the photography scene, i have a few questions that needed to be answered

    Just got a piece of the Sigma DG500 Super from a CSer a couple of days ago. Was told that this model is a compareable model against Canon's Speedlite 550EX, with a lower price. (Was using a borrowed 550EX for a few weeks...)

    However, when i tried using it, i realised that the flash recharging period is significantly longer then the 550EX. Is it normal? Also, i could remember that i can fire 2 or 3 shots in AV (sync at 1/200) shots with the 550EX, but with the DG500, it dies straight after the first fire...

    Comment please

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    Default Re: Sigma DG500 Super vs Canon Speedlite 550EX

    yes its normal. recharge is definitely slower. im using this dg500 myself too. pls dont try shooting a wedding with this flash. yuou will miss a lot of shots. avg recharge is abt 4 seconds. if full power is used, 6-7 seconds.

    the high speed sync must be enabled each time i think. not sure abt that. :P

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    Default Re: Sigma DG500 Super vs Canon Speedlite 550EX

    Be aware also that only when centre AF point is selected, the AF assist beam will activate. if others AF point is active, the DG does not emmit the assist beam.


    There is a reason why the EX flashes are much more expensive


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