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    hI everyone out there, my website is
    hope everybody check it out.

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    very nice pictures. the buttons were a bit small tho. hard to click. and doesnt have a 'ive seen this pic before' indication. u might want to consider simpleviewer gallery.

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    nice... i like the layout and style. definitely professional quality, though i agree that the portfolio photos can be more user friendly..

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    Nice pictures.

    Hotels and restaurants will love them.

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    A masterful use of high contrast technique.

    Definitely not to be missed.

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    yeah man gr8 shots...but i got the same issue about the buttons...


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    The photos are nice.

    But I think it would be good to have those "NEXT" and "BACK" button to navigate around.
    Must agree with the rest that the buttons are too small.
    At first I dun even realise they were thumbnail buttons. I tot they were just part of the
    layout of your intro page.



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