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Thread: Sunblock for photographers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by slaam
    SAF long 4 sounds liek good idea esp for outdoor nature shoot.. cos of mozzies.. hey saf spend so much money must be some good yeah?
    haha but i dunno leh anyone got caught before wearing saf unform outside of armY?
    Also army boots are excellent for trekking and bashing...esp. the Goretex ones...I know some nature shooter bros who are wearing them and they swear by it.

    Back to subject, so far I don't really use sunblock when outdoors shooting, and (normally) I shoot from abt 7am to ard 10am....or late afternoon from say abt 4 to 5 pm.... normally the sun is at its harshest/strongest between abt 10.30am and 3pm, so if possible try to schedule your shoot at earlier or later times than this period, when the sun is not as strong. My defence against the sun: drink lots of water, try not to stay under the direct sunlight for too long, take breaks in a shady area or car, wear a floppy/jungle hat (the one with wide brim), light long sleeves shirt if possible. OH yeah and a portable fan.

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    use Aloe Vera cream after being out in the sun.

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    ok la...shall share my fav.... banana boat tanning oil spf 8..... its good...spray on type...since gg to be out in the sun might as well get a tann...

    anyway...after tt can use the banana boat aloe vera gel...its green...and cooling

    ps: i only use these for tanning...shoots wise...i really cant be borthered ...


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