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    Recently I been to UAE. I stays in Dubai but I rented a car to other places in UAE. Will update this post when I done with the time lapse. I again been stopped by security even by the road side for taking time lapse and they claimed that area are under the group Emaar. They ask me to go to get a permission (not permit) but I having problems with the permission as both office which I went, don't have such service. The CSO from the group claimed it's ok for me to setup tripod (2x) and using DSLR. I ended up taking time lapse of burj khalifa from a distance. For those planned to go there and thinking of setting up a tripod and with DSLR, write in to this email :, at least try to get a proof either in email or form, so that security cannot do anything to you if you near in that downtown area.

    Next is the first mosque at abu dhabi. When you went in, it's like checking in to airport, heavy security measure! I went in without tripods (due to dubai incident) and check with security. Security asked me to go to the information center and ask for permission. Over there, the staffs are rude and told me to get a permit instead, which need 3 days for approval but that for company filming, not for me. On top of that, they don't allow me to use wide angle lenses too. I ended up taking time lapse outside the building with tripod laying down on the seat, not so obvious. I been told by the security that there are a lot of cameras in the mosque, therefore, it's also not that wise to setup tripod and got chased off as the information center staffs can see me and radio security. These are the two areas which spoilt my mood, else the whole UAE are great. I even got the chance to capture milkyway at jabel jais, viewed a few nice sunset and sunrise. The weather is so hot that I lost 5kg after trip but it's worth. Driving over there, is like a bird in the sky, so relaxing if you drives about at 120km/h (max is 140km/h, car beep, i thought cannot go over, lol!) I spend about 11 days over there, the shopping mall are huge but the parking also a lot. Anyway, if you plan to go in summer like I do, water is a must, don't forget about it.

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    Nice. Thanks for sharing.

    The world isn't the same after post 9-11. So it's good to respect these laws.
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