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Thread: Olympus 5050 - Keep or upgrade?

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    Default Re: Olympus 5050 - Keep or upgrade?

    I have a Nikon D70 owner friend who just never ceases to impress with my 5050ís picture quality. Nice colour tone with little or no post processing.

    Just got my E500, the speed alone can justify my upgrade let alone the 8MP etc.

    I am keeping my 5050 as a backup since it cost more than the E500 more than 2 years back with 1GB micro drive and a simple pouch.

    In the past, I have been taking wedding photos with my Minolta film (as main because of the speed requirement) and 5050. I guess for the next event, I would be using the E500 and 5050 combo.

    I wonít throw away the 5050 for $400 when it still gives very impressive A4 Size prints! Donít forget that there are many situations when you need to take pictures but canít afford to carry those big gears around.

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    Default Re: Olympus 5050 - Keep or upgrade?

    keep it! i bought mine aeons ago, moved on to the e-1 and it really complements it well. it works wonders with the fl-50 flash which i share between the cameras, tho it does look pretty weird for a camera to have a flash as big as it. lol.

    it's a great as a back up and a great street performer too. the AF is not a big issue. check out how to prefocus the 5050z in this site:

    it actually works, and works well i must say, in normal outdoor street shots.

    3x zoom is not a big deal for me. but f/1.8 IS a big deal for me. the c5050z shoots acceptably wide open.

    y is yours still new? use it til it breaks! come on!

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