Circle Of Light is embarking on a series of workshop for attendanceby members of COL. It was decided by the committe that the workshop will cater to the learning and sharing needs of the members who is eager to learn from the more senior and polished photographers.

With the debut, we introduce 2 workshops:

1. B&W Entry Level workshop
2. Street Journalism Workshop

You can sign up for the workshop by clicking in the links below:

We welcome all members of any photo forums to join us in these workshops. It's a learning workshop and should not have any discrimination against members.

There are also plans to push out more workshops in the coming moth and we're about to witness more vibrancy in the forum henceforth As our resources ae limited, the committee has decided that we would charge a small amount of money for the organising of these workshops to cover the overheads that are needed to make the workshop work.

Do take a while to join us in our debut workshop and give us yr feedback and comments.

There will be more activities coming up in the beginning of the year 2006. There are plans to do the following activities:

1. Studio Fine art / Portraiture Workshops
2. Overseas photo trips (planning in Vietnam or Siem Reap)
3. Photo exchange trips with regiona photo clubs
4. Advance B&W developing workshops
5. Member's exhibition
6. Digital touch up workshops
7. Still Life workshop

Do look out for more the workshops coming up. We welcome volunteers to help the team coordinate and organise these workshops and activities. Do PM us if u r keen to help us out in future sessions.